Guarantee knowledge and quality within your organization: here’s how Allinq is doing it!

For years, Eqeep has been providing ERP solutions to improve business processes, with success. But in practice, we see that employees often do not make optimal use of the solution they are working with. This can have several causes, including:

  • They do not fully accept the solution and stick to the old way of working
  • Knowledge of the application is missing
  • They are not properly trained
  • They do not have an overview of the process they are part of

Many companies are noticing this “problem. Our customer Allinq faced this as a result of employees coming and going, and asked Eqeep for advice. As a result, our partnership grew from integrating IFS to successfully developing and delivering training for employees. We tell you more about Allinq’s journey in developing their training courses.

Employee turnover and knowledge

At a time when employees are not easy to come by and people are increasingly changing jobs, Allinq also experienced the consequences of turnover and knowledge loss within the company. The concerns were mainly with the retention of knowledge and the decline in quality due to an increasing number of short-term employees. Allinq approached Eqeep with the question of whether we could help in training employees regarding the use of IFS. A great challenge that Eqeep answered “Yes” to confidently.

Development of customized training courses 

Together we sat around the table to identify Allinq’s specific challenges. Through a thorough Gap analysis, we were able to determine exactly where the bottlenecks lay. We discovered that there was a lot of information available, but employees were having trouble finding it. Also, available training courses via ClickLearn were not being used. Using the Gap analysis, we determined which functionalities caused the most problems and by whom they were performed. Based on this, we were able to develop training courses specifically tailored to job profiles and related activities.

The 4 training courses of Allinq

We ended up developing four training courses for Allinq. The first training is an introduction training that is used as a basis during onboarding. The remaining trainings are job-specific trainings and include how to create and manage projects, inventory control and reporting within IFS. These are given monthly to both new and existing employees. Each training is designed to be interactive with presentations, demos in the application, assignments and exercises to ensure that participants are actively involved and immediately put to work with what they have learned.

A successful pilot

An important part is the recurring evaluation moments so that we can keep improving the trainings. Every three months we collect feedback and we meet biweekly with Allinq’s Training Department to discuss progress. This continuous involvement has contributed to the success of the trainings. For example, some employees were a bit skeptical, but through good communication it was very well received. The training plan ended up being so successful that several customers also want to work with the training courses. The training courses are customized.

Eqeep’s training plan

What started as a pilot has now grown into a real concept: the Eqeep training plan. There is a solid foundation that we are continuously developing. For example, we are now thinking about adding an interactive quiz. There is always room for growth and feedback from our customers. The world of IFS is constantly evolving, and we incorporate those developments into the training courses as well.

Are you curious about what our trainings look like? Then get in touch with us! We would be happy to give you an insight and show you the possibilities. Or read more about what the training plan can do for you.

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