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Deep Value is your partner to accelerate your business value every day. A Digital Twin of the Organization (DTO) enables you to do exactly that, allowing you to make decisions based on facts and optimize your value chain immediately.

Joint value proposition

Together with our partner Deep Value we offer a solution that gives our customers insight into their business processes. Based on this insight, an organization can make choices on a strategic, operational and tactical level in the field of business applications, but also, for example, business management and developing strategies.


IFS is an international enterprise software development company. The company provides enterprise software to customers around the world who produce and distribute goods, build and maintain assets, and manage service-oriented activities. IFS specializes in Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Asset Management, Enterprise Project Management, Field Service Management and Supply Chain Management.

Joint value proposition

In partnership with IFS, Eqeep offers various solutions such as EAM, ERP and ESM to better track business processes of organizations. These solutions are implemented through IFS Cloud, making IFS and Eqeep work together to effectively deploy business processes.
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Boomi is an integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that lets you easily connect applications and data sources. With a single integrated platform, Boomi (formerly Dell Boomi) provides a powerful solution for integration, API management, data management and workflow automation.

Joint value proposition

In the coming years, companies will start to digitize and automate more and more business processes. This means that more and more systems and apps will be added. With Boomi's solution, data between different apps and systems can be integrated with each other and therefore Eqeep's solution can also be integrated with all other systems and apps.


ClickLearn automates the process of creating training materials and documentation for higher ROI and adoption of the most popular enterprise systems such as IFS - but also Microsoft D365, SAP, and Oracle. It saves content creators and authors time on implementation projects by allowing them to record every click in a process and use those recordings to automatically create work instructions.

Joint value proposition

It is not always easy for end users to use a new business system. That is why Eqeep is working with ClickLearn, because the company's special recording technology enables authors to document complicated processes in business systems and delivers a superior learning experience for the end user.
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Talend is a leader in data integration and data integrity. It helps companies around the world make better decisions based on real-time and reliable data. Talend offers a fully integrated open-source data integration platform that ensures enterprise data is complete, clean, compliant and instantly available to anyone who needs it within the organization.

Joint value proposition

With Talend's solution, you can easily link all the data and information from the various business applications you work with as a company. Thus, all data from the various applications can be collected and used in the software solution of Eqeep. This ensures that business processes are organized more efficiently based on all the data.

Arvato Systems

Arvato Systems provides smart services for the digital world. The company is the international IT specialist and multi-cloud service provider supporting well-known companies in their digital transformation. With great technical insight, industry knowledge and a clear focus on customer needs, Arvato Systems develops innovative IT solutions, cloud infrastructures, integrates digital processes and takes over the operation and support of IT systems.

Joint value proposition

It is important for the customer that the data in the Cloud (The solution that Eqeep implements at the customer) is secure. Arvato can secure the data in your Cloud system with their advanced security solutions. So the customer can use the implemented business solution from Eqeep without any worry.
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The DOC fully specializes in Oracle® technology with a comprehensive suite of services and applications tailored to support enterprise business goals. Their services range from offering full service support for Oracle® environments, custom solutions, business intelligence, cloud services and much more.

Joint value proposition

The Doc can monitor your Eqeep business application 24/7. The Doc offers daily monitoring and can perform maintenance work to reduce the chance of failure, maintain efficiency, prevent downtime and reduce risk. This allows you to get even more out of Eqeep's enterprise application, because you never have to worry about whether the application is working, so work within the application can always continue.