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Enterprise Asset Management

IFS Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Cloud gives you what you need to manage your full asset lifecycle, helping you to reduce the cost of managing your capital assets and asset information. Understand the complete view of your asset position to improve asset availability and reliability, and the services you provide. Monitor the health of assets, drive predictive maintenance, and quickly repair failures without impact to productivity.

EAM for asset-intensive organizations

End-to-end asset life-cycle management
Flexible and fully integrated solution
Strong Asset Performance Management

Strong Asset Performance Management

Monitor and measure asset health to drive predictive maintenance and service needs. Improve uptime and reliability and reduce impact on productivity to reduce maintenance and contractor costs. Use IoT connectivity to intelligent monitor IoT status and alarms. Combine IoT data, machine learning and analytics with other asset data to advance your asset performance visibility and reporting.
Predictive Asset Management powered by IoT
Advanced technology embedded
Real-time, data-driven decision-making
flexible and configurable end-user experience

Asset Management in a single platform

Reduce the number of systems you need with support for every aspect of the asset lifecycle. Control planning, design, build, operations, maintenance and decommissioning with full project management capability from one flexible and configurable system. Save time, reduce errors and control progress and costs with standardized processes, data analytics and reporting
Extensive support for diverse asset types
Single source of truth
Composable solution
Increase asset uptime and performance

All the capabilities you need

IFS Enterprise Asset Management Cloud includes all the tools to help manufacturing and other asset-intensive enterprises optimize the maintenance and repair of their industrial plants and assets.
Asset lifecycle management
Performance Management
Fleet & Asset management

Optimize assets, maintenance and performance

Take advantage of complete asset lifecycle management, from design to engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning, operations, maintenance, refit, or decommissioning.

Enterprise Performance Management

Make use of IoT and AI to build a true predictive maintenance system that goes beyond typical calendar- or usage-based maintenance intervals and greatly improves uptime.

On-time fleet maintenance & comliance

Powerful fleet and maintenance management capabilities allow you to manage performance-based logistics contracts and increase fleet availability while reducing overall lifecycle costs.

Insight and visiability across your enterprise

Data collection tools, web clients, Gantt charts, mobile solutions, and a configurable entry point called IFS LobbyTM are some of the features included to further enhance the usability and productivity of our system.

Native apps for on-the-go and while offline

Mobile access to enterprise software is a defining factor in digital transformation adoption. With our EAM solution, you can capture work orders, create fault reports, run PM routes, and report time, spare parts, and equipment measurements - wherever you are.

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