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Industrial sustainability: more green production, factories and products

Industrial Manufacturers are facing the most challenging challenge so far: profitable sustainability. Not only do you need to reduce emissions in your own operations and supply chains, but you also need to provide products and services that help your customers do the same.
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Advanced Scheduling Techniques
Operational Intelligence
Integrated Project Management
Manufacturing Strategy
Product Development
Project Management
Supply Chain
Sales and Service

Manufacter up-to-date products

Industrial products are often characterized by long product life cycles and face obsolescence issues and regulatory changes. Keeping an up-to-date offering is not easy when development resources are limited or the return on investment is difficult to justify due to limited economies of scale.


  • Outsourcing
  • Make To Stock
  • Make To Order
  • Assembly To Order
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Project Manufacturing

Offer the latest design, connectivity and functionality

The requirements of industrial product development are usually very heavy and demanding. Yet customers expect industrial products to offer the latest in user interface design, connectivity and functionality. In addition, advances in computer science, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, mean that industrial products are expected to offer more capabilities.


  • Management
  • Product Data
  • CAD Connectors
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • New Product Introduction
  • Manufacturing Engineering

Streamline your efforts

Manufacturing project management can streamline your efforts. As you embark on production projects, it sets you up for success. With the right tools and software, your teams can be more effective and improve production accuracy. It also ensures that deliveries are on time and on budget.


  • Planning
  • Estimating
  • Recognition
  • Structure Resource
  • Project Accounting
  • Budget & Forecasting

Time is money

Optimization opportunities within the supply chain have an important role to play in rapidly developing industrial sectors. After all, "time is money." A poorly organized supply chain leads to delays, dissatisfied customers and high follow-up costs. We offer you the right features to organize your supply chain as efficiently as possible.


  • Procurement
  • Multisite Planning
  • Eco-Footprint
  • Capacity Management
  • Master Planning & Simulation

Always understand your customer

In order to always understand your customer and provide the right service, it is necessary to streamline everything about sales, marketing and service in order to be responsive to their needs. We offer you the tools to make everything around sales, marketing and service transparent.


  • Servitization
  • Sales Service
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Order Promising
  • Outcome Based Offering
  • Collaborative Forecasting
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Trends to influence the future of Industrial Manufacturing

Predictive maintenance

Predictive analytics can monitor equipment performance using a variety of performance metrics and to automate the data collection process. This insight gives manufacturers a better understanding of how systems work and when they fail, allowing them to perform predictive maintenance.

3D printing

3D printing makes production faster and cheaper. 3D printing has also changed the expensive and time-consuming process of tooling. Thanks to 3D printing, manufacturers can now complete on-site tooling in just a few days.

Artificial Intelligence

Modern production equipment provides various data. Proper analysis of this data generates insights about production optimization and maintenance planning. Also, manual processing is time consuming and computer software is not able to recognize trends and draw conclusions.

Advanced Automation

Automation is one of the most important elements of modern industrial production. Many tasks that previously required human intervention can now be automated thanks to modern software programs and robotics. Industrial robots help companies speed up the work process.

We Empower Industrial Manufacturing

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Solutions to stay ahead in your industry

Tackle any industry challenge with our solutions. They are ready to use out-of-the-box and help you integrated your processes across your business to create a single source of truth.

Case study

Eqeep helps Emergya Wind Technologies optimize the Supply Chain and enhance operations.

Emergya is a global oriented company that designs and produces wind turbines of 250kW, 500kW to 1MW. The full service company with highly experienced industry personnel offers in-house product design and certification and a highly comprehensive service offering supported by a strong domestic and international team, plus all commercial, legal and financial functions for its activities in Europe, North America and Asia.
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