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We are here to support you with all of your ERP, FSM, and EAM needs, from implementations and upgrades to daily support and ongoing value realization. Eqeep is a certified and experienced IFS and NetSuite partner and, whether you are a first-time buyer, looking to upgrade, or want to improve your business operations. We serve as your single point of contact.

Stay focussed on your core business

Strategic & day-to-day support
Safeguard business continuity
Certified consultants

Managed Services

Our managed services are available in four varieties: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. They provide everything you need to maintain a stable environment for your software, all for a fixed monthly fee.
General Services
Functional Application
Technical Application

Day-to-day operational support

Choosing the right IT software solution is critical, whether it is an Enterprise Resource Planning or a Service Management solution. But what is perhaps even more important and often overlooked is having a professional, committed, certified and experienced technology partner.
Pro-active advise and daily support
Single point-of-contact
Reduced IT costs and improved efficiency
Access to the right expertise

Strategy and Change Management

We help our customers define an ERP strategy and roadmap. Using techniques such as Process Mining we analyze current systems, processes, infrastructure and capabilities, leading to a practical change management plan to align operations with your business solutions.
Digital Transformation strategy and roadmap
No-cure, no pay business process optimization
Busines value assesments
Long term value of IT investments

Integrate with other leading business software and data sources

Our team can streamline and simplify your application landscape by integrating your solution with any existing business software, all while keeping your operations running smoothly.
Seamless application and API integration
Data analysis, cleansing and migration
Data integration
Data integrety and governance

Cloud Hosting

Keep everything in the cloud without worrying about maintaining your own servers. We provide a variety of cloud hosting options ranging from a private, Azure, Oracle cloud and more. We manage the cloud infrastructure, monitoring and maintenance and make sure you have the latest update installed. Whether it's the OS, database or the application.
Strategic infrastructure advise
Secure and reliable
Monthly reports
Always up-to-date

How we successfully implement IFS Cloud

Our Implementation Methodology provides a solid framework to help you achieve your software implementation goals. It combines best-practice project management principles with focused industry-specific expertise to ensure that your software rollout is tailored to your requirements, runs smoothly and delivers on your business objectives.
Initiate Project
Confirm Prototype
Establish Solution
Implement Solution
Go Live
Support & Maintenance

Initiate Project Phase

The Initiate Project Phase aims to achieve a seamless transfer from the sales process and to create a sound foundation for a successful project. In most cases, the foundation for the project will be built around the customer-specific solution generated from Scope Tool.

Phase 1 consists of:

  • Determining requirements with Scope tool
  • Planning and preparing the project
  • Installing Applications

Confirm Prototype

Using our industry templates as a starting point, a working prototype is created to confirm the scope definition and the design for the full solution. This step illustrates that the agreed scope satisfies your process needs and how the future solution will fulfill your business requirements.

Phase 2 consists of:

  • Verify and confirm project scope
  • Build and confirm prototype solution
  • If applicable, specify development
  • Define data usage
  • Analyze legacy data and define migration approach

Establish Solution

The purpose of the Establish Solution Phase is to refine, build and verify the customer-specific solution. Implementation and rollout of the solution are packaged and prepared.

Phase 3 consists of:

  • Application solution is developed, tested and verified.
  • Migration of data from legacy systems are specified.
  • Data is migrated into your environment and solution is verified.
  • Change management, training, rollout and governance.

Implement solution

The purpose of the Implement Solution Phase is to rehearse cut-over/go-live and to prepare and train organization for go-live.

Phase 4 consists of:

  • Local technical infrastructure is established.
  • Local cut-over and go-live rehearsal.
  • Change management and training based on training material and classroom sessions.
  • Go-live decision: open issues are agreed and planned; a go-live decision is taken.

Go live

The purpose of the Go-Live Phase is to make the cut-over to the new system as smooth as possible. As the defined go-live criteria are met, a handover to the support organization takes place. Once all sites are up and running, project closing procedures commence.

Phase 5 consists of:

  • Cut-over and go-live are performed with end-users supported.
  • Evaluate and close project, hand over solution to governance organization.

Solution support and maintenance

After a successful project delivery, we want to make sure you continue enjoying the benefits of your new IT investment. One way you may do so is through our managed services, which provide continuous daily operational support for functional and technical application needs, or support with the application environment.

As your business changes over time, there is also a chance that you might enhance or modify your current processes. We can help you optimize the application or add additional functionality based on your business needs. For additional information, check at our services.

Phase 6 consists of:

A partner and solution  for the future

"We chose Eqeep and IFS Cloud because it is a secure and reliable solution, not only for today but also for the future."
Remco Benneker
Finance & IT Director, Forever Direct B.V.

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