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5 signs that it is time for a new ERP
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Why choose the world's first ERP solution in the cloud?

Oracle NetSuite is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises to grow, streamline business-critical processes and digitally transform. Because it is a full cloud solution, you are always up-to-date and don't have to worry about IT. This allows your company to stay focused on its strengths and respond quickly and confidently to new market opportunities. From advanced financial management to CRM, project management, inventory management and much more, Oracle NetSuite ERP provides you with the essential functionalities to accelerate growth and drive innovation.

Why Oracle NetSuite?

'True-Cloud' platform
Most proven globally
Ensuring flexibility and integration
Always up-to-date software
Embedded Analytics (BI)
In 27 languages and in 190+ countries
Intercompany and consolidation

Oracle NetSuite: #1 Cloud-ERP

There are increasing demands on manufacturing companies. The market demands fast deliveries, with high quality and at a competitive price. As a result, process optimisation and digitalisation are becoming increasingly important. The aim is to increase reliability and quality and reduce costs. The market increasingly demands personalised products that require a different production strategy. With the emergence of new digital capabilities, new opportunities to develop or expand business models present themselves.
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Financial management
Order management
Supply Chain
Inventory management

Get a clear financial view to make informed decisions

Oracle NetSuite financial management software is fully integrated with all Oracle NetSuite functions for order management, inventory management, CRM and e-commerce. This gives you all the tools you need to streamline business-critical processes, such as quote-to-payment.


  • Managing billing and payments
  • Tracking expenses and revenues
  • Generating financial reports

Maximise your order management with Oracle NetSuite

Order management in Oracle NetSuite supports and automates all steps of your order processing, from quotation to payment. This allows you to serve your customers faster and improve the customer experience.


  • Faster order processing, end-to-end
  • Remove human handling
  • Optimal RMA and refund handling

Streamline your efforts

Oracle NetSuite's supply chain management module allows companies to streamline their supply chain operations by automating key processes such as purchasing, receiving and fulfillment. It also provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, allowing companies to optimise their inventory levels and reduce inventory costs.


  • Streamline your logistics
  • Get end-to-end visibility
  • Single System, Real-Time Updates

Save on inventory costs

Thanks to good stock management, you make sure you have just enough stock to meet demand. Externally for your customers and internally for your production. Oracle NetSuite offers many tools for e.g. managing multi-site stock, safety stock, order points and cycle counts. In addition, you can plan demand and transport.


  • Forecast demand with historical data
  • Match supply and demand with Supply Planning
  • Batch registration and serial numbers

Production integrated planning and control

With production management in Oracle NetSuite, you can produce and/or assemble products quickly and efficiently. During the production process, you have real-time insight into every step. All employees involved have access to the corresponding documents. This way, Oracle NetSuite helps you deliver products to your customers within the agreed delivery time. And according to the desired quality they expect from your company.


  • Current insight into production planning
  • Quality registration during production
  • Manage multiple product overviews

The #1 Cloud ERP Software - Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite has developed a powerful platform for MKB companies. There are thousands of customers who benefit from its extensive features and are able to respond to the changing market with ease. Some key functionalities for MKB companies are listed below:
Inventory Management
Shop Floor Control
Production planning

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