Service management implementation guide
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A fully integrated Cloud Service Management solution

We cover all the needs of companies that regard service as a profit center and core competency. Added to service management standards (call handling, contract management, field service etc.) are solutions that help you manage projects, installed base assets, documentation, and parts in a single integrated solution that is scalable according to your service needs.

Start optimizing your service delivery

40% improvement in technician productivity
20% increase in service response time
20% increase in first-fime fix

The most complete Service Management

Many service organizations struggle to avoid disruptions in their service operation and provide their customers a seamless service experience. To meet the expectations of your customers, you need a service management solution that helps bring together your entire workforce, assets, projects and processes in a single integrated platform.

Our solutions offers everything from bidding and contract management, mobile workforce planning and scheduling, and parts and repair control to pricing and billing, performance analysis, customer service, and more.
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Deliver the best customer experience

To provide your customers the service they expect, you need a holistic approach to service management, integrating all industry-specific capabilities to drive your entire service delivery lifecycle. We enable you to:
Drive scalable, enterprise-wide service transformation
Address even the most complex industries and use cases
Break siloes by integrating service data across ERP or EAM

Magic Quadrant™ leader for 6 straight years

Our Field Service Managment solution has consistently been ranked by Gartner as the best-of-breed FSM solution with the best market understanding, product strategy and innovation. Read the report to learn:
Latest trends that impact the service industry
Gartner's assessment of the strengths and cautions of FSM vendors
Why IFS has the most complete vision of  Service Management

All the Service Management capabilities you need

Our market leading service management solutions contains extensive service and asset management capabilities with all of the benefits of a comprehensive ERP solution. The solution is component-based, so you can add functionality as your operational needs require.
Field Service Management
Planning & Scheduling
Mobile Workforce
Omni-channel Contact Center
Contract and Warranties
Service Logistics & Repair

Market leading Field Service Management

IFS Field Service Management™  is the most complete field service management solution on the market. By optimizing all processes and customer interactions, you can maximize operational efficiency, increase revenue, reduce costs and deliver exceptional customer service.

Planning and Scheduling Optimization

Make the best scheduling decisions every time based on your business goals, customer contracts and SLAs.
  • Powerful AI driven optimization engine
  • Real-time scheduling of field resources
  • Reports and Analytics for Field Service visibility

Empower your Mobile Workforce

Take your mobile field service capabilities to a new level, enabling field teams to do anything from locating parts to placing orders and providing quotations—direct from the mobile device.
  • Accurate forecasts
  • Supply chain visibility
  • Supply chain Performance

Seamless customer engagement

Simplify complex customer service and enable your agents to seamlessly to deliver faster, smarter service through multiple contact channels while boosting productivity.
  • Customer Service CRM
  • Self-service, AI and virtual gents
  • Appointment Assistance with advanced automation

The pivot point for successfull service delivery

Comprehensive contract management software enables you to accurately model and manage your business interactions. Reduce revenue leakage by meeting service level agreements and properly managing warranty claims.
  • Fully integrated solution
  • Evaluate gaps, bottlenecks and discover efficiencies

Service Logistics and Repair

Use best-in-class reverse logistics to manage your returns more successfully and get ready for the circular economy. Maximize efficiency, save money and reduce downtime with our end-to-end service logistics solution.
  • Service & Depot Repair
  • Returns Management
  • Parts Management

Brochure Service Managment

Customers want outstanding, seamless service at all times, regardless of the complexity of the assets you maintain, the personnel in the field, or the supply chain that provides parts and replacements. To achieve these customers expectations, you'll need a service management solution built to handle complexity. 
Improve and optimize complex service operations
Enable and empower your field organization
Simplify and streamline supply chain management

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