Centric chooses Eqeep and IFS Cloud to unify and streamline operations

Centric chooses Eqeep and IFS Cloud to unify and streamline operations

Eqeep, in collaboration with software partner IFS, will begin work with Centric on a project to help the firm digitally transition and unify its IT environment across all its units.


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Maak kennis met Amber, onze marketing- en salesmedewerker.

''Freedom and quality, for me that is what Eqeep is all about." Meet Amber!

Amber's journey at Eqeep began as a side job, two days a week alongside her study. Quickly, her support role…
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The Eqeep Training Plan: Get ahead as an organization!

You probably know the game from the past where you whisper a story in the ear of the person next…

"The personal way of working I was missing, was something I found at Eqeep." Meet Indra!

Indra is our pre-sales consultant and makes the initial conversations. She is the one who maps out with you what…
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Efficient financial reporting: this is how you do it!

These days, when visibility into all kinds of information flows plays a crucial role in decision-making, many companies are struggling…

The upgrade of Hutchison Ports Delta II to IFS 10

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Many organizations struggle with their financial oversight. The cause varies from organization to organization, but the consequence is always the…
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