Eqeep and The Next Digitals are partnering together

It is with great pleasure that we announce the establishment of a dynamic partnership between Eqeep and The Next Digitals BV. Both entities have found each other within the domain of Oracle NetSuite ERP. Eqeep, a leading name in technological innovation, brings a unique proposition in the manufacturing and service-oriented services sectors.

Complementing this, The Next Digitals is already an expert in Oracle NetSuite ERP. Together, we will serve our clients from a broad perspective, ranging from ERP consulting to implementation and ongoing management. The combination of in-depth industry expertise and specialized Oracle NetSuite knowledge will undoubtedly prove that one plus one equals much more than two.

An Interplay of Expertise

Within this symbiotic partnership, we bring together a wealth of years of manufacturing industry experience and a deep understanding of advanced applications. This combination represents a powerful asset for both existing customers and future partners. We are now able to provide fully informed advice, successfully implement Oracle NetSuite and provide ongoing support through our Managed Services. We strongly believe in the superiority of craftsmanship over mere commerce. By combining our expertise at both domain and application levels, we are able to present a comprehensive package of valuable advice.

Why Oracle NetSuite?

The Next Digitals has long regarded Oracle NetSuite as a brilliant platform. This Cloud ERP system, with a strong financial foundation, can be fully customized to transform your back office and drive your organization’s growth. The recent 2023 edition of the Forbes Cloud 100 revealed that 84% of growth companies achieve their goals through the use of Oracle NetSuite. Eqeep deliberately chose Oracle NetSuite to offer our deep industry knowledge and ERP expertise to small and medium-sized businesses as well, to ensure that they too stay ahead in their business.

Benefits of domain and application expertise

Our combined experience in the manufacturing industry and in-depth application knowledge form a powerful expertise for our existing and potential customers. Through this partnership, we are able to fully advise our customers, successfully implement Oracle NetSuite and provide ongoing support through Managed Services. We believe in craftsmanship above all else, and having expertise at both the domain and application level allows us to offer comprehensive advice.

What does this mean for existing clients?

Seen in a positive light, for The Next Digitals this means we can continue to focus on what we do best: Unlocking the potential of Cloud. We do this by reducing the Technology Value Gap between what is possible and achieved in Oracle NetSuite. For Eqeep, this partnership means that our process and market knowledge come together with the knowledge of The Next Digitals to bring more value to customer ERP solutions.

Take full advantage of it!


For questions or comments, contact Erry de Boer or Edwin van Kersbergen using the contact information below.

Erry de Boer  
030-209 92 70  

Edwin van Kersbergen 
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