Eqeep: create your perfect world with a secure and safe base

Perhaps you have already seen the shields in our logo? They are there for a reason, of course. Because (E)qeep means a fortress: a place where people are protected. It is a safe base and that is exactly what Eqeep offers its clients. Of course, we don’t literally protect you with a shield, but we are really on your side as a partner. It’s a safe base where you can trust us to know your business processes, provide the right solutions and deliver the service you need. Why and how we do that? We will be happy to tell you!

No one-off solution for your challenge

Eqeep originally started in the contract staffing industry. Back then, we provided those IT consultants to solve your ‘problems’. Now we do it exactly the other way round. Organisations come to us with their challenges when it comes to setting up their IT business processes effectively and we provide the right software solutions. However, we do not come up with a standard solution – quite the contrary! We do not stand for one product or service. We stand for our knowledge and for you, the customer. That is why we always start by getting to know your organisation and business processes. How is your organisation currently structured? What problems and challenges are there? What does your future ‘world’ look like? When we really understand your organisation, we can match a solution that will fill in your ideal world now, but also in the future.

A ‘drawing’ of your ideal world

To provide that safe base and ideal world, we first create insights. Organisations often still use outdated systems and old-fashioned approaches, which also means business results are lagging behind. To get to the heart of your challenges and ideal world, we first dive into your organisation. Erry, director of Eqeep: “Creating insight and drawing the right picture is a common thread in my career. I once started in the furniture industry, where we made project interiors. We always started with an empty building. To understand what the customer wants, we took an inventory of their wishes and goals. Based on these wishes, the architect made a drawing. At Eqeep, we actually do the same thing, only now we make a ‘drawing’ of business processes. We map out what the organisation thinks their processes look like and, through Process Mining, provide insight into how the processes actually run. Based on this, we design the ideal world: where do you want to go as an organisation?”

Trust, empower & protect

We therefore do not see ourselves as a ‘supplier’ of software solutions, but really as your (sparring) partner offering consultancy, development, implementation and support services. Organisations make their own choices about where they want to go and Eqeep guides them on the road to their ideal world. A world in which we simplify the complexity of IT systems of business processes. We have the knowledge, offer insights and provide modern and especially user-friendly solutions which your organisation needs to get there. Along the way, we continue to optimise and develop together. After all, our ultimate goal is to empower organisations to stay ahead in their business. They achieve that goal with Eqeep as their trusted and secure base. Because we believe that you stay ahead when you have a partner who understands you and knows where your market is going.

Leaders of the industry: which way is the industry going?

Knowledge is power, that’s what Eqeep believes. Because with all the knowledge of the industry, you have a solid foundation to build on. We therefore continuously build on our knowledge and immerse ourselves in new developments, so that we can give advice at an early stage. For example, what does the arrival of AI mean for our customers? Erry: “We are very well known by our customers for this. They are also very curious, because I often get the question: Hey Erry, what are you working on at the moment?” This is also exactly the relationship we create with our customers: we work for them and together with them. Especially the ‘together’ ensures that the threshold is low to pick up the phone and ask for advice about a new development.

The Eqeep family

Based on our in-depth industry knowledge, we help organisations set up their IT business processes effectively: from strategic advice to the implementation and maintenance of your business software. And that means we do it together! The Eqeep team really feels like a family, and as a family we offer organisations trust and a safe base. We listen to you, understand your organisation and are always ready to help you on your way to your ideal world. We know your industry and prefer to use our knowledge to take your organisation to the next level together. And even though we are in IT, we have a warm atmosphere and lots of fun. Our focus is not on IT, but on people. That is why we like to get to know you and your organisation!

Do you want to know where your industry is going? And how we create your ideal world? Then meet Erry de Boer. There is a big chance he can tell you something new!

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