Consultancy firm Deep Value | transformation partners opts for ‘no cure, no pay’ approach

Understand how your organization is performing

Pieter den Hollander: “We see that the average life expectancy of a company nowadays is only 7 years. Digital transformation is vital for companies to keep up with rapidly changing customer demand and not be pushed out of the market by competitors.

At the same time, we see that boards of directors are tired of constantly paying fortunes to expensive consultancies without knowing clearly what their advice will actually achieve. And for lack of better, investments are all too often made in patchwork tools, such as business intelligence.

We believe that you can only successfully transform if you have a clear picture of where your company stands and what the concrete impact of digital technologies are.

Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO)

Deep Value helps customers get that essential picture with digital twins, in line with the approach used in the aircraft industry to first perform the necessary simulations before actually building aircraft”.

Deep Value’s digital Twin provides insight into all parts of the business model and identifies crucial areas of attention. The use of innovative digital technologies in these areas can then be simulated and optimized prior to investing in an implementation.

Deep Value builds these digital twins using Enterprise Operational Intelligence (EOI) software. Deep Value has also developed its own method to effectively utilize the digital twins. This creates a digital boardroom, so to speak, from which the company can be managed. This distinguishes Deep Value from consultancy firms that still see the advisory report as the final goal. 

Moreover, the digital twin is able to scan the organization continuously, creating an accurate picture of the impact and results of innovations.

Deep Value founder Eqeep

Deep Value founder Eqeep provides business software for operational, support and strategic purposes and specializes in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprise Service Management. Eqeep has offices in the Netherlands and Germany and is active in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom and Switzerland.

The company sees the investment in Deep Value as a strategic and natural expansion of its portfolio. Given the expertise and experience required to carry out digital transformation, it has been decided to encapsulate this expansion in a separate company in collaboration with Business as One, specialized in digital transformations and building digital twins for organizations. 

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