Eqeep launches route planning and route optimisation software

Route optimisation and GPS tracking

Companies all around the world use Route Manager to streamline logistics and operational processes. The software enables SMEs to rapidly start automating inefficient delivery processes and simultaneously optimise delivery routes.

This allows suppliers to reduce operating costs, increase deliverers’ productivity and improve the level of service to their customers. The statistics show that these companies achieve a 30 percent increase on delivery efficiency establishing a 20 percent rise in the amount of deliveries overall.

Although terms like route planning and route optimization sometimes are used interchangeably, they’re not the same. Other route planning software generally relies on the starting point followed by a calculation of the shortest route along the various delivery points.

WorkWave’s route optimization however takes numerous other factors into account, including payloads, shift patterns, pre-determined coverage ratio and preferred delivery times. Route Manager tracks packages and deliverers using GPS tracking and informs customers of estimated arrival times.

Not only does this improve customer service, it also reduces costs while deliverers aren’t faced with customers not being home or away from the office. In addition, the software allows the highest amount of orders to be scheduled within pre-set limits.

Small and medium sized companies

Harm van Echteld, CEO of Eqeep: “In the future Eqeep will expand its product portfolio with other WorkWave solutions. We have opted for a partnership with WorkWave because this is a logical expansion of our services. WorkWave is part of the Swedish software supplier IFS and Eqeep is an IFS partner.

We’ve noticed that our current offering of ERP and FSM packages from IFS is particularly well suited for medium large companies. Route Manager is tailor-made for smaller and medium sized companies: the costs are low and implementation takes little time. And integration with Eqeep’s other business software and business systems is easy too!”

About WorkWave

WorkWave, an IFS company, is a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions aimed at simplifying the complexity of managing field and fleet-based organisations. WorkWave’s end-to-end route planning and GPS tracking solution is driven by the vision to support last-mile companies, enabling a 30% success rate in operational efficiency and ROI through smart route technology.

The powerful algorithm, developed by WorkWave, combined with the easy to use solutions make for time and money saving software. Starting from day one. WorkWave is recognised by Gartner in the Vehicle Routing & Scheduling Vendor Report, is named Top 10 Routing and Scheduling Solution Provider by Logistics Tech Outlook and was declared the Best Product for Shipping, Inventory of Vehicle Logistics during the SaaS Awards. For more information:

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