The upgrade of Hutchison Ports Delta II to IFS 10

Loading and unloading container ships is the daily business of our customer Hutchison Ports Delta II. They are a port operator and deal with everything related to containers on ships. Eqeep has helped them to ensure that all assets can be operational at the right time. For this purpose, they recently switched to IFS 10. We’ll tell you more about this process!

IFS 10 versus IFS Cloud: big versus small changes

Huge ships arrive daily, full of containers that need to get to the right place. Hutchison Ports Delta II deploys huge cranes, carriers and other assets to keep everything on track. To ensure that all assets can be operational, they use IFS. However, Hutchison Ports Delta II was still working with IFS 7.5 , while this software has not been supported by vendors for a long time. So it was time to move to a new version. The choice was IFS Cloud or IFS 10. Compared to IFS 7.5, IFS Cloud would be a big change. IFS 10 is still quite similar to IFS 7.5, which means not that much will change for end users. Hutchison values the setup they already had, so the choice for IFS 10 was quickly made. Eqeep was challenged with this to modify IFS 10 as little as possible so that it resembles IFS 7.5.

Challenge on challenge

During such an upgrade process, we always start with an assessment and map the current situation. Then we choose either an upgrade or a re-implementation where you clean up everything and start ’empty’, also in terms of data. In this case, the question was: How do we get the environment from IFS 7.5 ‘as is’ over to IFS 10? Hutchison asked for something we hadn’t done before: a re-implementation, but the data had to be moved with it. This was a big challenge, but it didn’t scare us away. And we succeeded! Hutchinson is now using IFS 10 with the historical data from IFS 7.5.

New features or not?

Normally during an upgrade process, we also add new features. Especially during a re-implementation, this is our preference. In this case, we skipped implementing new functionality because Hutchinson wanted as little change as possible for the end users. But should they change their minds in the future, we can always add new functionalities. After the upgrade (and new functionalities), we always perform a data analysis and migration. Then we start testing and give (user) training to employees so they know how to work with the new system. After these steps, it’s time for “Go Live”: the system is ready to use!

Customized and personal: that is the power of Eqeep

Because Eqeep has both the technical and functional know how in-house, we are able to build the system to fit your needs and wants. To do this, we really get to know your business and processes, so we quickly understand what you want and find a solution that creates your ideal world. You get a dedicated team on your project and a single point of contact, so we can move quickly. Many of our customers find that to be a big advantage. Personal attention is an important core value for us and that is exactly why customers choose us. We think together with you and give suggestions on what you can possibly improve.

Want to know more about Eqeep as your partner for IFS solutions? Read more about our approach or contact us without any commitment. We would love to get to know you and give you insight into how you can improve your processes.

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