The Eqeep Training Plan: Get ahead as an organization!

You probably know the game from the past where you whisper a story in the ear of the person next to you and that person retells the same story to the next person. The goal is for everyone to tell the same story. But as you probably also know, the last person in line almost always tells a different story. We also see this happening in the transfer of knowledge within organizations, causing valuable and important knowledge to be lost. Eqeep has developed a solution for this. We’ll tell you more about it!

A Change of the Guard and Knowledge

Within every organization, there is a periodic shift of the guard. New people with new knowledge come on board and the knowledge of departing employees is lost. Of course knowledge is transferred, but people often put information to their own use. The result is like the game we described: the new colleague has a different story than the departing colleague, also in terms of knowledge about the solutions they work with.

What does the solution really have to offer?

Erry, CEO of Eqeep: “In reality, I have seen that employees often do not make optimal use of the ERP solution they work in and with. In addition, I frequently see that they do not fully accept the solution. This is because people do not know in depth why a company is working with a particular solution. Why did the organization implement this solution? And why do I have to use the solution in this way? Eqeep has developed a training plan for this in which we give employees in-depth knowledge about the solution they are using. This is not a general talk but a deep dive. We think it is important that employees really understand why they are working with this solution, how the solution is put together and what they can get out of it.”

Grab your advantages and get ahead!

The goal of the education plan is to increase acceptance and understanding of the solution. Erry: “We know our customers and the solution they work with very well. Based on that, we create a customer-specific training so that employees understand all the benefits of the solution that supports their company’s business. We also see that the training makes employees think along much more: I do it this way, but can it be done differently? In this way, processes are improved and organizations stay ahead. Because when they design their processes to the maximum, they can serve their customers to the maximum.”

Monitor knowledge within your organization

Eqeep values that the knowledge is guarded within the organization and that companies continue to develop themselves. Therefore, the training is not given once, but every quarter for a ‘refresh’. This prevents the acceptance and use of the solution from decreasing. In addition, the training is included in the onboarding program of new employees so that everyone has the same knowledge and therefore everyone is telling the same story.

The training plan was launched last summer and we are getting a lot of positive feedback. Employees are embracing the solutions much better and reaping the benefits. Do you also want to get all the benefits out of your IFS or Oracle NetSuite solution? Then take contact with us! We would be happy to give you a sneak peek into our training plan and show you the possibilities for your organization.

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