''Freedom and quality, for me that is what Eqeep is all about." Meet Amber!

Amber's journey at Eqeep began as a side job, two days a week alongside her study. Quickly, her support role in the marketing department bloomed into a great career. In fact, Amber never left us after her graduation internship. With great pleasure, she continuously develops her talents as a marketing employee and provides a lot of value for Eqeep. Quality is her most important core value and she recently started delivering that in the sales department as well. Big chance that you, as our customer, will speak to her one day. We are therefore pleased to introduce you to Amber Morren!

Free to learn and discover (from your mistakes)

Amber: "I stayed with Eqeep because you can start small and have the opportunity to grow in freedom towards a function that suits you. That was very important to me. They let you do whatever is right for you and because Eqeep is comparatively a smaller organization, you can take on a lot independently. For example, I ran the marketing department on my own for a while. They trust your expertise and they really gave me that trust. I don't have to ask for approval for every step and can just get to work. As a result, I've learned to be able to ground my opinions and choices. And if you make a mistake once, we can often laugh about it afterwards. You can only learn and grow from mistakes and that is also encouraged at Eqeep. I appreciate that a lot."

The best of both worlds

For several months, in addition to her marketing work, Amber has been helping the account managers and sales staff. Among other things, she helps make quotations and has contact with customers about appointments. Amber: "In the future, I want to focus more on account management. Sometimes I already go along to appointments and I already maintain some relationships with customers. The combination of sales and marketing works very well. Because I know what is going on with customers, I can respond to that in our marketing and communication. As far as I am concerned, the best of both worlds."

"I have learned to build good relationships with a personal approach."

Amber: " Customers often appreciate Eqeep for its quick response, personal approach and informal atmosphere. And I appreciate that myself too! For example, before Eqeep I worked as a salesperson in a furniture company. There the customer contact was very formal and professional. At Eqeep I learned that business and informal can go together. We are in a technical industry that is sometimes difficult in terms of content, but the personal approach keeps it nice. In this way we build great relationships. There is also an informal atmosphere internally. We work hard, but there is also time to chat and have a drink together on Friday afternoons, for example. For me, this is the perfect balance."s.”

Always in movement so we stay ahead

Both Eqeep and Amber are constantly evolving. We are in an industry where there are constantly new developments and today's news will be old tomorrow. Amber: "Because of the moving business it is sometimes a challenge to keep up with all the developments, but I have learned to be smart about it. For example, I now know that every year during an event in January all the new developments are shared. The challenge and new developments make my job fun! And that is also something that customers appreciate Eqeep for. Because we are constantly building on our knowledge and immersing ourselves in new developments, we are able to advise our customers at an early stage."

The safe harbor for knowledge and quality

Eqeep has several core values, but quality stands out for Amber. Amber: "I think it is important that we deliver quality, so that our customers can get the best out of their business. And that ties right back into our mission statement: 'We empower organizations to stay ahead in their business.' With our knowledge we ensure that customers stay ahead in their industry and that must of course be done with quality. Internally, we therefore continue to develop ourselves on these core values so that we can guarantee our quality. For example, I recently achieved a certificate for Lean Six Sigma Training. We are working hard internally and it is paying off, because I often hear from customers that they are happy with the experience and quality we offer."

"For now, you won't see me leaving Eqeep! There is a lot of freedom, which makes almost anything possible. For now, I'm focusing on the growth possibilities towards sales and who knows, we might speak to each other soon," said Amber. Would you like to know more about Amber? Then get in touch with her! She would love to tell you more about all the developments in your industry.

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