“The personal way of working I was missing, was something I found at Eqeep.” Meet Indra!

Indra is our pre-sales consultant and makes the initial conversations. She is the one who maps out with you what your ambitions, problems and motivations are and then makes a business case to show you what is possible. We are therefore happy to introduce her to you and perhaps you will soon be talking to each other!

Create beautiful things together

Indra lives in Utrecht with her husband and 2 daughters. She enjoys being very active and loves to work hard. “I love being outside and getting my hands into the earth to create something beautiful. It’s so beautiful to see what comes out of the ground. I always have an image of how everything should grow, but nature still does what it wants. That’s actually what I like most about it. I also like to create delicious dishes and cakes in the kitchen. I like to be busy, that makes me happy,” says Indra. The fact that Indra creates beautiful things is also reflected in our customers.

“I was missing the customer’s perspective.”

Indra: “I have been working in the ERP industry for a long time, but always missed the perspective of the customer. An implementation has a lot of impact on an organization and I think it’s important to guide them well in that process. That’s why I chose Eqeep. After all, we are not ‘just’ an ERP partner, but we really want to empower organizations. At Eqeep, we look at the customer’s goals together. We map out their current processes and challenges, then determine where they want to go and what the strategy will be. Based on this information, the customer maps out the journey with us and our expertise. And crystallizing that journey together with the customer is what I like the most. So we don’t say: here’s an ERP solution. No, we cut the customer’s ambition into pieces, see which solutions are the best match, and guide organizations step by step through this – often – big change. And because we have a team of experienced consultants, we are familiar with the customer’s challenges. We speak the language and know what’s going on, so we’re quickly on the same page. ERP is a fundamental part of our total solution.

Understanding customers and empowerment

”Therefore, Eqeep’s core value ’empower’ really stands out for me. After all, that’s exactly what we do every day. As a partner, we stand by your side and check together whether the objectives – which were set before the project – have been achieved and whether the solution is still in line with the strategy. Are you getting everything out of it? Everything with the goal that you can ultimately serve your customers even better. This means, for example, that in good times we accelerate, but also that in less good times we slow down and be your sparring partner. Continuous conversation and customer understanding are key in my work every day,” said Indra.

The future of your organization

Indra: “I strongly believe that customers should choose an implementation based on the future: not necessarily based on the current processes, but based on the wishful process, or a process that allows an organization to face the future with confidence. Based on the goals we determined together, I present demos so you can see what certain solutions mean. Then we make a business case based on one of your processes. In a business case, my starting point is always the future process. We translate the tool into the future solution so you know what it will look like. In this way, we make it clear what is possible and what the future may look like.”

Our strong partner network

Helping and guiding each other works through our entire organization. We help customers so that they can help their customers again. And at the same time, sometimes in collaboration with our partners, we help our customers achieve their goals. Indra: “We have a large partner network, which allows us to call in additional specialties and offer them to our customers. For example, one of our partners is specialized in accounts payable solutions. Especially during Covid, the need grew to automate this process. Now our customers can easily scan invoices and forward them to everyone. This strong partner network is very important to both us and our customers. And the fact that this works so well makes my job extra fun.”

Optimization is not something you do in a single step

Indra: “My role does not stop after implementation. I stay in contact with customers and regularly use the thermometer to check the current status of the implemented processes. My motto is always: start small, hold your thermometer and then see how you can expand or deep dive. The market changes quickly these days, so I always have that thermometer ready with me. Walking this journey together with customers is what I like doing most of all.”

Want to know more about Indra? Feel free to contact her. She will be happy to talk to you and look together with you at what could be possible within your organization. And you may soon be creating beautiful things together.

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