“Keep learning and surprising yourself, it’s all possible at Eqeep.” Meet Steve!

As a Solution Architect, Steve not only builds the best solutions for our customers, he also writes the best mystery books. Steve strongly believes in the power of AI solutions, both in his work as a Solution Architect and in his work as a writer. His motto is: One day without learning is a day away from being lived. And he doesn’t just learn for himself, because with his knowledge and expertise, he knows exactly how to realize our customers’ needs. We are happy to introduce you to Steve Alink!

Writing, programming and puzzles

Steve has spent a lot of time abroad for his work; from the different cultures he has learned a lot. Typical of Steve is his eagerness to learn and broad interests: from cooking to writing fiction and manuals. Steve has not been silent in his technical career either. He started with programming and evolved into functional consultant, project leader and the Solution Architect he has been at Eqeep since 2013. Steve: “I can also continue to learn at Eqeep because the IFS products we work with are constantly being improved and expanded. We are constantly updated on how new or modified modules work and what impact they have when you deploy them. What I enjoy most about my job is creating the puzzle (with modules) to realize customers’ specific needs.”

Having not learned a day is having not lived a day

Steve: “I try to learn something every day and get excited about automations and innovations, such as AI. At the moment I am very curious about all the possibilities that AI has to offer. I also enjoy taking my colleagues along with me and encouraging them to go exploring. I always say: keep surprising yourself every day. And you don’t always have to go looking for this, often something comes your way every day. Just look around you and see what’s happening, I always learn a lot from that. As a writer, I have found that AI can help me very well with, for example, spell-checking and suggesting possible plot twists. In that aspect, I believe we are going to see a lot of AI.”

Pragmatic, but with fun!

It probably comes from his curious nature, because Steve is willing to listen to anything. Customers are therefore happy to engage with him. Then he always quickly comes up with an appropriate solution. Steve: “I am pragmatic in life and like to come up with solutions quickly. This also fits with the core value ‘Execute’ of Eqeep, or: ‘Getting the job done’. Ideas are great, but actions ensure results and satisfied customers. In addition, fun is also one of my core values. After more than 10 years, I still enjoy working at Eqeep. There is a relaxed atmosphere and besides the hustle and bustle there is always time to have a drink together or celebrate something. This balance is important to me.”

For Steve, life is an adventure full of discoveries every day, in which he is constantly working to expand his knowledge of IFS. With his unique blend of technical expertise, creativity and an his hunger for knowledge, Steve remains an inspiring force within Eqeep. Curious how Steve uses his knowledge to realize your needs? Then get in touch with him! He will gladly tell you more about the possibilities and his approach.

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