This is how SPIE controls their application management of more than 40 organizations

Due to buying up many companies, SPIE, the largest multi-technical service provider in the Netherlands, had to deal with multiple ERP systems. Quite a challenge to manage it all and consolidate data. This is often done by the application management department, but application management is a forgotten child within many organizations. Imagine having to do this for many ERP systems as well. SPIE also had a shortage of people and knowledge for this. So what are you going to do? SPIE enlisted the help of Eqeep in 2019 to manage the application management of all their IFS systems. We’ll tell you more about the journey we took together.

Supporting partner for IFS

SPIE, originally a French company, operates in 40 countries worldwide. Each company within the SPIE Group has a choice of two ERP software packages: IFS or SAP. For the companies working with IFS, Eqeep provides application management support and maintenance via our Managed Services. In 2019, we began setting up an environment for SPIE, investing continuously in knowledge development. The goal was to enable SPIE to build in-house expertise on the applications.

Self-reliance increased massively

In the first two years of our partnership, SPIE relied entirely on Eqeep when it came to application management. Patrick Lamme, Managed Services manager at Eqeep: “ In time, we transferred our expertise in IFS management and maintenance to SPIE employees. Where we initially provided full support, the employees can now perform much more independently. We only take care of the complicated issues for them. Nevertheless, we still remain available and constantly keep them informed of the latest developments.”

Developing together: this is how SPIE stays ahead

An important part of our Managed Services is release management. This means that we bring the software up to date on a monthly basis, always in collaboration with SPIE. Together we look at which updates are ready, what has been tested, what is and is not approved and what we will eventually install. We also take into account developments within the organization and objectives. Currently, incident management and change management are important topics within SPIE. Patrick explains: “We describe together with SPIE what is needed around these topics. Eqeep then develops much of this. Five consultants from Eqeep work one or more days a week for SPIE to realize this, with the goal that they can eventually take on as much as possible themselves.”

Interactive partnership

Where SPIE was running out of hands, Eqeep offered a sustainable solution. Thanks to our Managed Services, SPIE is not only untroubled, but also stays at the front of the market by constantly looking for improvements. This creates an interactive partnership in which both parties can build on each other and in which we can empower SPIE, one of Eqeep’s core values. We make sure SPIE has the tools and support it needs to grow.

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