Ensure continuity and availability of your IT environment and business systems (even when you're on holiday)

The period of summer vacation is for many of us the time to relax and to look back and ahead. In general and also with regard to the continuity and availability of your business critical applications. In order to disrupt your rest as little as possible, reading this blog does not require too much time. A vacation in which, we sincerely hope, you will not have to worry about the availability and continuity of your business critical solutions.

Availability of your business-critical applications

To be able to use your business-critical (and other) applications at all times and without worry, the solutions must be stable, the infrastructure reliable and support and management, managed services, well organized. The stability of an application starts with optimal preparation of the setup. Processes must be described properly and completely.

When setting up the application, a sensible choice must be made between wishes and possibilities. All this also with a view to the future, including the development of the organization and the application(s). When choosing a “best of breed” set of solutions, the integration platform must be technically the right one today and in the long run.

Here, the cooperation between the partners involved and the customer is essential for realizing the joint success. Also with regard to the (Cloud) infrastructure, it must first be determined what an organization can and wants to do itself. Based on the outcome, it can be determined what needs to be outsourced and what requirements must be met by the party that would qualify.

A complete unburdening puts different demands on a party than when there is intensive cooperation with an internal team, an internal competence center. Solutions and parties must support the customer on the basis of reliable and trendsetting solutions, techniques and services in order to be able to offer its solutions and services to its customers from an innovative point of view and working method. Empower the customer to stay ahead in their business.

Continuity of your IT environment

The term continuity comes up in many ways. First of all the management and support of the applications, databases, integration platform and (cloud) infrastructure. With the right mix of internal and external services, pro-active and reactive, a lot can be overcome.

Regular coordination of the mix of services and division of tasks is decisive for structural success. Collaboration in the on-boarding process can also contribute to continuity. And a reduction of the need for (and costs of) support. When new users are familiarized with their new environment in an efficient and targeted manner, this leads to much less uncertainty, less chance of errors and immediately a higher return on investment.

In the context of continuity, it is also important that technical developments are always followed. A partner plays an important role with regard to the decision whether or not to switch to a more current version of an application or solution.

He must be able to advise objectively and in the best interest of the customer. It is important that visions and goals for the future are shared. In this process, a professional level of cooperation between all parties involved is (once again) decisive for making the right choice and a carefree transition to an up-to-date version as far as possible, while at the same time guaranteeing the continuity of all integrations.

Empower the customer to stay ahead in their business. We wish you a beautiful summer. After your well-deserved vacation, we will be happy to talk to you about the topics that are relevant to you.

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