“Building relationships and quality are most important to me!” Meet Jack

Back when Eqeep was still in its infancy, Jack joined the team. He has seen Eqeep grow over all these years, and he has been a major contributor to that. Jack brings a wealth of experience and expertise and has himself grown into the role of Manager Consultancy. In his daily work, customer relations and quality always come first. We are happy to introduce you to Jack Martens.

Meet Jack

Jack is an active colleague who enjoys all kinds of sports, from padel to skiing. He also brings this energy to his professional role at Eqeep. With a background in defense, pharmaceuticals and logistics, Jack has traveled through various industries before entering IT and ERP systems. That interest was piqued in Supply Chain when he was involved in the implementation of an ERP system. He was soon asked to sit on the other side and as a consultant he came across Eqeep.

Growth and new opportunities

At Eqeep, Jack contributes to the foundation of the company through his efforts in consulting and management. From the beginning, he has watched the company grow and has played an active role in building client relationships and developing the team. First as a senior consultant and now as manager of consulting, Jack delivers quality in every aspect of his work. Jack: “After working as a consultant for many years, I was ready for something new. That’s when the opportunity arose to contribute to coordination and quality. In my new role, I train consultants, and, in turn, I learn a lot from that myself.”

The power of good relationships

For Jack, building lasting relationships is most important in his work. Jack: “We don’t simply come to deliver our work and then leave. Quality is one of our core values and we deliver that over the long term. For example, we always come back to see if we can improve things. Eqeep is all about partnership in which we deliver quality and added value. And for that we train very good consultants with the right motivation. Because of this we don’t have to do any sales for our existing customers. The people at Eqeep are very loyal and so are customers to us.”

No day is the same

“I also appreciate Eqeep’s flat organizational culture. Everyone is very open, so you don’t feel a distance and can learn a lot from each other. I enjoy the different perspectives and ideas that come from working with colleagues from with different backgrounds and ages. This dynamic ensures that we are not stuck how we do things. No two days are the same, which makes working at Eqeep fun,” said Jack.

Want to know more about Jack and what we do at Eqeep? Then get in touch with him. He can tell you like no other what our partnership looks like and the value we deliver. After all, that’s what we do it all for!

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