Why the manufacturer of bioreactor systems selects Eqeep’s ERP software solutions

Applikon Biotechnology is a Dutch manufacturer of bioreactor systems. The company develops, produces and supplies systems for both research and productional purposes. The organisation excels in providing reliable service and support and is known for bringing new technologies to the market. These new technologies offer process efficiency benefits for research and development objectives, as well as pilot processes.

Applikon Biotechnology is fully focused on developing bioreactor systems. This enables the company to produce state-of-the-art equipment, resulting in a leading position in the world’s laboratory bioreactors industry. The defining role of the company in its industry is also maintained due to strong and valuable cooperation with leading international universities and institutions.

What's the current situation?

As a fast-growing company Applikon Biotechnology is facing an increase in market wishes and requests. Isabelle Debel, Finance & IT Manager, asked how to handle these requests in a suitable and efficient way. Which and what type of people can support key- and end-users? And how would these requests be handled?

Questions and challenges were resolved by the key-users. Some with more experience than others, for example when it comes to building and modifying reports or setting up migration tasks. The key-users ended up spending their valuable time on matters for which they were not originally hired.

Isabelle Debel realised that this was not the way to grow as a company. Applikon intensively tried to find an employee who could handle these requests. But finding the right person for the job, with a lot of experience in both high-tech productional processes as knowledge of IFS, turned out to be very hard. Applikon turned to IFS for help. IFS introduced its valued partner Eqeep to Applikon.

The knowledge to fully understand and capitalise on IFS is not a one-man-job. Which is why Applikon Biotechnology thought IFS’s idea to engage one company with experts for all active modules at the manufacturer was the right solution for the daily challenges Applikon faces.

which demands have to be met by the ERP system?

Eqeep’s consultants assist Applikon Biotechnology in two areas: second-line support and advice on using the modules. Regularly an Eqeep consultant is on-site to handle the majority of requests and inquiries. If the consultant needs more sufficient knowledge on the requested field, fellow specialists are standing by for support.

It’s important for Applikon Biotechnology that an employee of a service company stays connected to the organisation, because this consultant increasingly gets more insights into how Applikon works.

This way the employee can develop the best alternative support using IFS. It is important to stay in touch and discuss ideas in advance. Applikon Biotechnology expects a proactive attitude from its IFS partner, while the manufacturer itself mostly listens and gets to work with non-employees who have the company’s best interests at heart.

To increase awareness of Applikon suppliers in the field of ERP, a meeting was held to discuss thoughts about future steps and how this solution enables future growth within the internal and external teams.

What are the benefits of the implementation?

By implementing IFS Personnel Support Applikon was able to develop new security regulations within the company through permission sets in IFS, fitted with a simple setup and maintenance.

The Document Management module also offered the possibility to introduce a new and more secured way of working. The hands-on approach of Eqeep was well received and appreciated by Applikon.

Working with a partner like Eqeep helps Applikon Biotechnology getting the right information from the right people; specialists with sufficient knowledge of the particular field that needs attention.

The fact that there was chemistry between the company’s employees and the Eqeep consultants added to the positive experience. Steve Alink, consultant at Eqeep, works at Applikon. The manufacturer is very happy with his expertise and believes that he’s an appreciated member of the Applikon ‘family’.

The final deliverable of the collaboration between Applikon and Eqeep is that all requests now land in one portal. This is made possible by Eqeep’s service tool. Applikon believes that this tool and solution have been vital in supporting growth. Isabelle Debel is looking forward to similar significant solutions in the future.

looking back on working with Eqeep

The collaboration between Eqeep and Applikon Biotechnology worked well. First and foremost Isabelle Debel was happy that the project went smooth and emphasised the hands-on mentality of Eqeep.

The consultants not only helped with the questions of end- and key-users, but like to widen their view. By taking a broad approach to the issue Eqeep offers alternative solutions and outlines the advantages and disadvantages of the different possibilities.

The fact that Eqeep worked with one focal point of contact throughout the project and that all IFS services were managed by a single supplier (Eqeep) were other positives for Applikon.

Finally, Applikon Biotechnology was pleased that core-activities could continue during the implementation and that the initial investment was small.

What's next?

In 2018 Applikon Biotechnology upgraded to IFS APPS 9 and Eqeep continues to provide support.


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