Become Adrian's new colleague! Why? Adrian is happy to tell you that himself

Of course we can tell you to apply for a job with us because we are a good employer, but our employees can tell you more about it. That's why Adrian Cozijn is happy to tell you why he likes working at Eqeep.


My name is Adrian and I have been working at Eqeep as a Functional Consultant since November 2021. I joined Eqeep to grow as a professional; to participate in building a growing company within my preferred field of work (IT consulting).

What makes working at Eqeep fun

I enjoy working for Eqeep every day because Eqeep is open to everyone and we do fun things together in addition to working together. I also obviously enjoy working for Eqeep because I enjoy my work at Eqeep. I enjoy the knowledge exchange and the project-based work and work structure of IT consulting. Furthermore, I find the ERP package we sell and implement to be a strong product to work with.

Why I choose Eqeep

During the past year of working at Eqeep, I have found that I experience working at Eqeep as a fun way to develop yourself under the guidance of very intelligent and competent colleagues who take the time to get things done the right way.

Three reasons you should work at Eqeep

  • You can participate in building a growing company in IT consulting
  • You will be encouraged if you dare to be yourself and come up with innovative ideas
  • You will be well supported in your client-facing work

I would love to welcome you at Eqeep soon!

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