Become Steve’s new colleague! Why? Steve is happy to tell you that himself

Sure, we could tell you to apply for a job with us because we’re a good employer, but our employees can tell you more about it. That’s why Steve Alink is happy to tell you why he likes working at Eqeep.


I’m Steve and have been working at Eqeep as a Solution Architect & Senior Consultant since October 2013. I started working at Eqeep because I find it instructive to work with IFS products because IFS as a vendor feels responsible to continuously improve and also extend the different modules based on the latest technologies. That entails studying, discovering how something is. I like that puzzle, where you know there is a solution. The puzzle called IFS is getting clearer and clearer for me. New modules and tools that make working with and implementing IFS better and better.

What makes working at Eqeep fun

I am often asked what it is like to work at Eqeep. This is a question I invariably answer with: fine, instructive and fun. I also enjoy my work at Eqeep because you work with a large group of colleagues on something special, the basis of an administrative system with which our customers can work not only today, this month or this year, but for years to come. The IFS product has so much functionality that we can always choose from a number of scenarios, one of which is sure to suit the customer.

Why I choose Eqeep

After 9 years I still enjoy working at Eqeep because besides work there should and may be time and attention for personal development, facing challenges together in a relaxed atmosphere on company days or having a drink in time to celebrate something or to end a busy period nicely.

Three reasons you should work at Eqeep

I would love to welcome you soon at Eqeep! Why do I think you should work at Eqeep

  • There are plenty of opportunities within our company both technical and functional
  • There are helpful colleagues working at Eqeep who will support you in your growth path
  • The work remains challenging, as I myself am one of the first employees at Eqeep and have never been bored a day

Will you become my colleague?

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