Become Marian's new colleague! Why? Marian is happy to tell you that herself

Sure, we could tell you to apply for a job with us because we're a good employer, but our employees can tell you more about it. That's why Marian van Doormalen is happy to tell you why she likes working at Eqeep.


My name is Marian and I have been working at Eqeep as a Functional Consultant since November 2021. I started working at Eqeep because as a Young Professional I was looking for a company that could support me in realizing my ambitions. Because Eqeep is a small company you notice that there is enough attention for you as a person and as an employee. Eqeep helps you improve your soft skills and deepen your knowledge. This support gives me the opportunity to grow within the company and within my field.

What makes working at Eqeep fun

I enjoy going to work every day because working at Eqeep is challenging and fun. There are social and helpful colleagues of different age groups and experiences working there. This way you can always have a chat in the office and easily step up to your colleagues for questions.

Why I choose Eqeep

During my studies, I found that my interests lie in researching different business processes and optimizing them. Now, as a functional consultant of an ERP package, I can follow up on my interests. Together with the customer we talk about their business processes and you make the translation to an ERP System. In addition, you can look at ways to optimize the process by using the ERP system optimally. Every new customer, every implementation and every situation brings new challenges. This keeps you always looking for the best way, learning continuously, and being challenged. So it never gets boring! In addition, the work is enormously varied. Sometimes you are sitting in the office behind your laptop writing documentation and other days you are in front of a group of people giving training.

In the past year I have experienced that at Eqeep you are immediately involved and that you are part of a nice team. Colleagues are always ready for a nice conversation or to answer your questions. Furthermore, you get the chance to develop yourself at your own pace and the company offers you room to learn from mistakes.

Three reasons you should work at Eqeep

I would love to welcome you soon at Eqeep! Why do I think you should work at Eqeep?

  • Eqeep and your colleagues offer support in your personal and professional development
  • You get the space to grow
  • At Eqeep you can realize your ambitions in a relaxed atmosphere

I hope to meet you soon as my colleague!

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