Become Mithun’s new colleague! Why? Mithun is happy to tell you that himself

Of course we can tell you to apply for a job with us because we are a good employer, but our employees can tell you more about it. Therefore Mithun Venkatesh likes to tell you why he likes working at Eqeep.


I am Mithun and have been working at Eqeep as a Senior Functional Consultant since October 2021. I joined Eqeep because Eqeep, as the main partner of IFS ERP in the Benelux, gives me ample opportunity to explore my skills and encourage me to take on projects that I thought were far beyond my capabilities. It is in the DNA of the Eqeep culture to regularly challenge their employees and provide the necessary guidance and support to achieve this.

What makes working at Eqeep fun

I work with a smile every day because it feels good, safe and secure to work for Eqeep! Everything we do matters and that motivates us to work even harder and get better results, to make up for all the care and attitude you get from Eqeep. I like my job because I love my job. It provides a great opportunity to meet people and exchange ideas who really care about me as a person and about my professional growth. As a positive person, I always have the sincere spirit of collaboration and shared goals that revolve around helping clients.

Why I choose Eqeep

I moved to the Netherlands from India to join Eqeep because Eqeep is a great place to work that gives great control and freedom with my job. I work full-time with a flexible schedule both in and out of the office.

Three reasons you should work at Eqeep

I would love to welcome you to Eqeep soon! Why I think you should work at Eqeep.

  • Variety of work and people, travel, flexible working hours
  • Versatility of being able to do different tasks. Being able to work virtually
  • Progressive and supportive organization that realizes that employees are their greatest asset

I would recommend applying and working at Eqeep to anyone.

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