Centric chooses Eqeep and IFS Cloud to unify and streamline operations

Eqeep, in collaboration with software partner IFS, will begin work with Centric on a project to help the firm digitally transition and unify its IT environment across all its units.

Centric will purchase the entire IFS Cloud solution, with Eqeep as the implementation partner handling the rollout of all modules within the ten countries in which the multinational operates.

In the past, Centric worked with a decentralized IT operations model. Each country was responsible for its own IT solutions, which made it difficult to drive digital transformation and growth for the company. Within the recently reformulated digital strategy, centralizing IT is central, so the company decided to enter a bidding process, where Eqeep and IFS emerged as the best fit.

The collaboration will enable Centric to deliver more unified customer service across all operating areas, minimize total cost of ownership, and ensure the company is well prepared for future growth.

To coordinate and streamline the operations of all business units, Centric purchases all IFS Cloud modules, including ERP, HR, projects, service management, and finance.

The key to Digital Transformation

Centric chose Eqeep because we have a personal yet straightforward approach and were able to demonstrate the value of IFS Cloud to their organization.

Martin Barkel | Delivery Director

Barkel continues, “Thanks to our short communication lines, we were able to respond quickly to Centric’s questions and requests. We always look for a solution and take immediate action to help the customer. Centric also expressed appreciation for the way we listen to their needs and take their questions seriously during the preliminary phase.”

He goes on, “People have a lot of questions, especially at the start of a huge ERP adoption project like this, which affects all operations and levels of the business.

Simple and agile implementation approach

For instance, regarding the software, the organization that is implementing the solution, the methodology, the support, the team, and so on.

In terms of implementation approach, we strictly adhere to and apply all of IFS’ tools and best practices. All of this ensures that the project is streamlined and simplified. The Scope Tool is an example of such a tool.

With the help of this tool, the customer’s operations are mapped out, and it becomes evident what they will and will not use, what modules are required and where their future wants and needs lie.”

A committed and dependable partner

Van Barkel concludes, “Choosing a software solution alone does not ensure success, you also need a committed and dependable implementation partner that guides and supports you before, during, and after the project.”

An organic partnership

The Director Delivery adds that Eqeep and IFS collaborate organically “A unique construction, indeed. We use a different strategy than other parties in the field, which is what distinguishes us.

Because IFS is actively involved in the project, such as during the pre-sales process, we have been able to not only maintain service quality, but also present exceptional demos. As a result, we can pool our collective knowledge and skills to provide Centric with even greater service, such as with the process analysis.”

CEO Erry-Robbert de Boer says:

“We are delighted to be a partner of Centric and to implement and support the IFS Cloud solution. We will enable Centric to reach their goals by providing them with our knowledge and skills. We are looking forward to our collaboration and implementing the full potential of IFS Cloud inside the Centric operations.”

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